Super U Product Review

Super U Product Review

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So, I have to admit, I’ve always felt slightly sceptical about the magical ‘fix it all’ claims of the superfood revolution. Although, this probably has more to do with the usually off-putting taste, which manages to override my self preservation instinct on a murky Monday morning when a slice of toast and a brew seems far more comforting.. But it was with an open mind that I accepted the kind offer of the delightful Charlotte and her boyfriend Sean who have just launched Super U, whose products are all organic, vegan and gluten free.

Charlotte and Sean sent me a very aesthetically pleasing package marked beautifully with my name and a little card – and can we all just stop for a second to appreciate how gorgeous this packaging is?! I wanted to start photographing it all straight away! So summery, tropical and vibrant – I felt healthier just looking at them.


When I opened the package the first thing I saw was the coconut bowl and spoon. I was SO excited as I’ve always wanted a coconut bowl for my smoothies and oatmeal bowls! Not only are they beautifully hand-crafted, they’re also eco-friendly and sustainable due to them being made from REAL coconuts which would have otherwise been thrown away. I know, so cool right?! They’re reusable and have been sanded down and polished with coconut oil. I’ve used it several times now for granola bowls, porridge bowls and smoothie bowls (which you can see more of below!)

BERRY BEAUTY – The Antioxidant Booster


I have to say, I was looking forward to trying the Berry Beauty blend the most. I knew it would give a gorgeous colour to my smoothies and the ingredients are just incredible (my inner Nutritional Therapist to be was grinning with excitement). The powder is totally organic, gluten free and vegan, and contains the most nourishing superfoods; think – acai powder, chia seeds, goji powder, acerola powder, maqui powder, and more! Now, for those who think I just spoke a different language, the back of the pack tells you simply how these powders can benefit your body. This blend can be helpful for your skin, hair and nails, digestion, energy and immune health.

Super U

I made a delightfully tropical berry beauty bowl – I felt like I was breakfasting in Bali! A combination of frozen banana, frozen courgette, flaxseed powder, coconut yoghurt, plant milk, and of course a spoonful of the Berry Beauty Antioxidant Booster, made for a delicious start to my day. I topped it with granola, cacao nibs and coconut chips (I’m obsessssssed with the combination of the sweet berry smoothie with the creamy taste of  cacao nibs).

CLEAN GREENS – The Immunity Booster

As you can imagine, the off-putting ‘pond water’ taste usually associated with green powders made me hesitant to try the Clean Greens blend from Super U. But in fact, the smoothie bowl was really quite pleasant. I’m putting this down to the added pineapple powder in the blend. This magical mix aims to boost immunity using ingredients such as baobab, spirulina, chlorella, moringa and pineapple. I know, sounds pretty healthy right? This mix can help with immune health, digestion, energy and your body’s detoxification process.

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I used this powder to whip up a green smoothie bowl which included frozen baby spinach, frozen banana, avocado, flaxseed, almond butter, plant milk and a teaspoon of the Clean Greens Immunity Booster. I wouldn’t use this powder everyday, but as a fact acting pick me up in times of trouble (i.e. coughs, colds and general under-the-weather symptoms), I would definitely add to my morning routine. I topped it with puffed buckwheat, coconut chips and chia seeds – and it kept me completely satisfied until lunchtime.

You can use my code ‘GINA10’ for 10% off your order at Super U; I highly recommend these powders for anyone who wishes to boost their meals with an organic and nourishing plant based source, and of course the coconut bowls and spoons are to die for!

PS. This post is sponsored by Super U, but all opinions expressed are completely my own.

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