Are Oreos Vegan? (Answered!)

Have you ever wondered if Oreos are vegan? Well, I’m here to answer that very question. Vegans, you’re about to have your life changed (for the better, I promise…)

Are Oreos Vegan?

To put it simply, Oreos are a type of cookie that is considered, by the vast majority of people, to be vegan-friendly. This is because they do not contain any ingredients that are derived from animals. This means that you, who I assume follows a vegan diet or lifestyle, can safely consume Oreos without violating your vegan ethics.

It’s worth noting though that Oreo themselves mention that Oreos *may* come in to contact with dairy products during the manufacturing process. This doesn’t mean you’re eating animal produce though, and it’s your call whether or not you decide to go ahead and eat produce like Oreos.

So, can Vegans eat Oreos? Yes! Eat away!

are oreos vegan

Are Oreos Vegan in the UK?

Yes, Oreos are vegan in the United Kingdom. So if you’re plant-based or vegan, then you can eat Oreos to your heart’s content

Are Oreos Gluten Free?

Can people with Celiac disease eat Oreos? A short answer, no, the original Oreos are not gluten free. This is because they contain ‘unbleached enriched flour’. Don’t be too upset though, most of you will be able to get your hands on gluten-free oreos here. They were set to be released in the United Kingdom in January 2023, so you should see them at your local supermarkets!

So while people with celiac disease can’t eat the original, there is a great alternative!

Is There a Taste or Texture Difference Between Oreos and Gluten Free Oreos?

Personally, I think they’re relatively similar. Don’t get me wrong, there is a slight difference in taste and texture, but I think the gluten free Oreo is a great imitation of the ‘original’ and Celiacs are definitely not missing out too much!

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